Endlessism is a night which celebrates medium experimentation... and it's going to be wicked! With six musicians/singers and two video artists imported from NYC, this event is going be brilliant! The talent that we've gathered is almost ridiculous in quality so be prepared to be rawked into the year 1993!!!

So, bring some open eyes and ears, some peeps and lots of love!

And just in case you didn't look too closely at the poster:

WEDNESDAY, May 28th at 7:30pm
CHOPIN THEATER, 1543 W Division
Tickets: $5 - g/a, $3 - students/members


  JIENAN YUAN is an experimental musician and labelhead of "Actually, Records.". He is also a member of the Asian American Artists Collective Chicago and a freelance graphic designer. When he's fed up with his experimental shenanigans, he achieves catharsis by recording as Desk, Jhez/Bone, and Disco Potential.
  SCOTT FITZGERALD was once told he resembles val kilmer in real genius if the role were played by jeff bridges. He likes dogs and other pretty things. He currently is working on a masters degree at the interactive telecommunications program at NYU and lives in Brooklyn. Some pertinent websites re:him are superfunday and droolcup.
  JOEL WALTER is the quintessential punk. which is not to say that he will be playing punk rock (which he does in columbus, ohio's "the handshake" and "a planet for texas"), but instead, it means that joel performs on his own terms and his music does not bother with trends nor boundaries. performing solo for the first time, armed with only an acoustic guitar and harmonica, joel walter will play whatever he damn well pleases, and it will damn well please you to hear it.
  THE RED WHEELBARROW is existential break-up music or, as Chad Driscoll of Listen.com states:"Chris Bell and Alex Chilton in a prison cell in hell singing the blues and dreaming of escape. These modest, stripped home basement tapes swim in feedback and the pain of a man dining on his own heart. At once transcendent and damned." or, as his mom puts it: "Why don't you find a REAL job?"
More info and music clips can be found here.
  miserychick aims to be anything but conventional. she is currently a graduate student at the interactive telecommunications program at tisch/NYU. she works with photography, websites, video, 3D graphics, code, words, paint, canvas, and whatever. one of her projects made it to celebrity gossip news on TV. she's a part of Mango Tribe. this summer she's going to Siggraph 2003, the largest computer graphics convention in the U.S., as a presenter. she's always looking for a sugar daddy. inquire here: sugardaddy@miserychick.net
  Local boy XYZR_KX is stuck in his last year of school and can't wait to get out there and discover how easy it is to become rich and famous. More info on him can be found here.
  SARWAT RUMI is a bilingual Bengali American Muslim who has been writing since she could read. By day, Sarwat battles domestic violence at Apna Ghar, an agency which services the Asian community; by night, she is a vigilante spoken word artist and singer; and really late night she casts her witchy superpowers to bind oppressive forces. Sarwat is a member of Mango Tribe, an APIA all woman theater group which implements art as a form of activism and healing.
  Born in Detroit, WARREN LAPHAM  has been listening to music for as long as he can remember -- and imposing other peoples music on an unsuspecting
public since 1995.  He co-founded the Ambient Friends' Network in 1999.
GUEST VIDEO ARTISTS: Lian Chang // Idit Kobrin // Yulia Sheynkman // Michael Jones // Elliott Malkin // Vivian Wenli Lin // Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi