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Ask any of the four members in the San Francisco-based band, Ee, to describe their music and you'll end up with four different responses, each emphasizing one aspect of the group’s collective aesthetic. This is because Ee's membership is wound with the tension of four diverse musical passions: ex-Korea Girl frontman Tobin Mori (guitar/vocals), Che Chou (bass), Peter Nguyen (drums) and finally, ex-Seam frontman Sooyoung Park (guitars).
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hope in ghosts - e.p. Ee - Capital Plans

The legendary San Francisco rockers return with their long-awaited third album ‘Capital Plans’ released on “Actually, Records.”. Combining indie-pop, slowcore and noise to create beautifully textured post-rock pop, EE redefines the indie rock status quo with their new sonic masterpiece.

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